Functional Features

  • A teacher console with control functions to monitor all student functions.
  • Options for listening to a particular student independently and to listen either the student’s voice or the original voice which is being practiced. The teacher can interrupt the student, if necessary, to correct or to give instructions.
  • Separate head phones and mike (optionally individual cubicle) to each student for privacy.
  • Facility for setting the lessons, batches and sessions in advance for the entire academic year. Students can automatically receive lessons from master source while logging in and can use these lessons for personal practice.
  • Individual attention for each student, without disturbing the rest.
  • Facility of automatic storage of passage and comparison with the repeated version of the similar passage.
  • Volume control operation during repeat.
  • Provisions for Audio / Video out, Audio / Video in, Microphone and control Panel for input lessons from TV, VCR and multimedia.
  • Can be used for teaching any language.
  • While speaking skills are developed with an accent and style internationally understood, the listening skills can be developed on several accents, as desired by the Institution, even to finer levels within specific States in the US .
  • While a confident student is free to move ahead of schedule, in consultation with the teacher, a weaker student may stay with a lesson till he or she feels sure.
  • Proficiency in pronunciation, accent and language flow can be attained in a most effective manner.

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