A S College Bikramganj (Bihar) signed up with OrellTalk Digital Language Lab

We couldn’t be more glad sharing that we have made a deal with R N Technologies situated in Patna. They have bought OrellTalk Digital Language Lab- the best Language Lab software available in educational software market. This specific purchase will effectively will deliver our Language learning platform in A. S College Bikramganj, a renowned institution in Bihar.

R N Technologies Pvt. Ltd is an innovative firm that form a considerable weight in the area of education software providers, and Orell and R N Technologies share the same goal which is empower education and other spectrums of life by introducing technology into them. OrellTalk Digital language lab Pro Version for 1+12 consoles are established to run in the classrooms.

OrellTalk- is a greatly productive insight by the means of innovative technology. The tools featured in OrellTalk Digital Language Lab are great assistance to teachers, especially in teaching language. Irrespective of teaching Language traditionally with a grammar book, the lessons are made here at OrellTalk with attention to detail and knowledge, making sure students won’t miss out on a fun-filled and intelligible learning experience.

OréllTalk has four different versions to suit all budgets with 8 levels of learning in the Common European FrameWork of Reference (CEFR) method. OréllTalk Language Lab has proven to enrich a student's language learning experiences.