Single & Group Communication

DigiLab provides the facility of group discussions to the students.Linguish or teacher can act as the moderator. Students can shed the inhibitions of participating in a group discussion even though they don’t see each other. Their expressions or knowledge of the given subject is heard by all. Students gained the power of oration gradually which help them to participate in a group, in a pair or alone in an open discussion. A web camera is necessary can be used to observe the facial expressions and body language.

DigiLab has the most advanced infrastructure with state of the art technologies, software tools and processes. DigiLab is guided by the business model to transform it from research centre to knowledge management for effective communication. The GD is left to evolve itself while the panel observes and asses the performance and/or attitudes of all candidates. The candidates display their knowledge view points and exchange ideas on the given subject matter among themselves.Content is a combination of knowledge and the ability to create coherent, logical arguments on the basis of that knowledge. Merely memorizing facts is pointless. We need an in-depth understanding of various issues as well as the ability to analyze the topic and build arguments.

As a professional in the working world, there will be times when you will be required to participate in group discussions. This section offers helpful articles analyzing the rules for success in group discussions. Your career and status within your field can improve if you learn some guidelines and tactics that refine your group discussion skills.

If you have trouble speaking out of turn, interrupting others or a lack of confidence about properly expressing yourself, the techniques about handling yourself in a group discussion can be invaluable. This is helpful advice for any individual working with other people in any industry. Discussing ideas in a group is one of the best ways to solve the problem. When a person becomes a burden in group discussions due to lack of experience, an excess amount of excitement or a general lack of social skills, these factors can contribute to how you are viewed by your colleagues and superiors in the workplace.

If you are in a managerial position, it is imperative to provide an open forum for discussion where your subordinates feel comfortable sharing their ideas. If a person participating in a group discussion feels that their opinion will be ignored then the members within the group will hesitate to share what could be valuable solutions to business issues in group discussions.

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