Communicative Approach in Digital Language Lab

In the bygone days, teachers used a set of coloured rods, wall charts containing vocabulary with images, pointers with chart for visual dictation and many other aids to make English teaching more effective. With the advent of technology, these teaching aids give way to electronic tools like digital language lab software, multimedia aids etc.

Communicative skill is the progressive achievement of the ability to use a language to accomplish one's communicative needs. Digital language laboratory plays a crucial role in improving the communicative competence of students both in spoken and written language. Since communicative proficiency is context specific based on real-life situations, appropriate choice of resources is necessary to meet the language needs of the participants. Smart English language lab is contained with highly useful study materials to enhance the English communicative skill of students with excellent pronunciation and vocabulary knowledge.

Smart English language lab software gives importance to communicative properties rather than grammatical structures of the language i.e. the functions of language and the process of discourse. Mastery of the language with comprehensive competence and speaking ability is given prior importance in digital language rooms. Hence, learning activities involving drills, practice sessions and active learner participation are provided to foster their second language fluency.

Students are allowed to listen, speak and record in the target language and given options to correct their mistakes comparing their own version with the audio/video provided. The focus of all language learning activities in Smart English lab is to help students understand the style and mode of information exchange and to conduct a meaningful communication.