Communicative Language Teaching Using Smart English Language Lab

Digital language labs are deployed by language educators to make language learning fun-filled, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Smart English language lab clients witness that they deploy a variety of teaching methods that are informed by the latest research in language learning.

It’s widely acclaimed that by using language lab, the classes are enjoyable, interactive and relevant to their needs. Students will get actively involved in the process of learning English and will get lot of opportunities to practise speaking. Language instructors can use this learning solution to give individual attention to students by placing any number of students in each class. We can adapt teaching methods to cater to different learner types to maximise learning and achieve aims.

The language lab uses teaching methodology that ensures that lessons are highly practical, and fully involve the participants, who engage in meaningful quasi-authentic tasks that reflect communicative demands of every day work situations. A variety of interactive team activities such as role plays, problem-solving activities and personalised speaking tasks are used to help build the participants’ communicative competence and skills. Instructors can use a task-based approach to gauge needs and reinforce learning, and language points are taught via guided discovery. Learner autonomy is developed to make certain continuous improvement.

Lessons are participatory and learner-centred which means that the trainers facilitate learning and support participants as they discover the structure and use of English. Language instructors help participants develop strategies for studying and enhancing their skills outside class hours. They set self-study tasks for the participants throughout the course of the training. It is notable that the participants can enjoy the training and are able to direct their own learning using language lab. To support this, on-going feedback and reflection can also be provided during the courses.