Create Learning Materials with Smart English Lab

Educators around the world have realised the importance of developing new teaching methodologies and resources in teaching English language. Recognizing the importance of teaching strategies and resources to enhance students’ interest in language learning, considerable attention and researches is being done to develop high quality instructional materials. With the advent of digital language laboratory in education technology, generation of learning materials has become an easy task.

Language teaching includes five essential components: students, teachers, study materials, teaching methodologies and evaluation. Teaching materials are considered as the most substantial and discernible constituent of pedagogy. With the increasing impact of technology and digital world, there has been considerable growth in more specialised English language teaching materials. More and more educational service providers come up with language learning software and digital contents for better language acquisition and enhanced communication skills.

Smart English lab is the pioneer in digital language learning solutions which provide quality language learning materials as complimentary to the customers along with the software. The study material provided along with the software is made in such a way to help learners to develop confidence and ease in learning English. The material facilitates learner with opportunities to effectively use the target language for communicative purposes. Besides, the learning materials are specifically constructed to meet the demands of teachers and to help learners with different learning styles and approaches. In addition to this, Smart English Lab allows the teachers to create and edit learning materials according to the diverse learning level and requirement of students.

The study materials designed considering beginner, intermediate and advanced level students include words with different accents, pictures, meanings, expressions, situational dialogues, comprehensions, audio and video materials of famous speeches, lectures, etc. The exciting feature with these language learning materials is that it is constructed to meet the expectations of both teachers and students. However, teaching-learning resources often control the instructional method, since teachers and learners are likely to rely greatly on them. Materials suitable for a particular class need to have an essential instructional philosophy, methodology, approach and technique which befit the students and their requirements.

Smart English language learning materials are excellent options for teachers looking for good materials, all the time. When the teachers decide to choose genuine or created materials, it means they wish to bridge the gap between the classroom and the world outside.