Develop Comprehension skills with Digital Language Lab

Comprehension is the primary goal of reading, but it is one of the most difficult language skills to master, particularly for English language learners. Digital language lab is the most advanced device which helps to achieve comprehension skill through reading and listening activity.

English language learners by improving their comprehension skill can read more accurately, follow text or stories more closely, identify significant concepts and events in the text, master new ideas and concepts from the contents, and feel motivated to read more for knowledge and pleasure.

Digital language laboratory provides number of ways to build the comprehension skills of English learners. Comprehension passages focusing on building background and cultural knowledge, enhancing vocabulary and understanding ability can be incorporated in language lab software to develop the skills of learners. By giving effective instruction, students develop their ability to understand the material they read and connect it with their prior knowledge and their own experience. As the language acquisition of students depends on grasping, analysing, evaluating and applying the information they gathered through reading, teachers would rather go for digital language learning solutions to conventional teaching methodologies for enhancing the comprehension skill of students.

The digital language learning solutions available today is featured with comprehension passages and exercises that help them enhance reading and comprehension competence. The study materials added in the digital language lab helps learners in the acquisition of oral and written proficiency, and cultural consciousness.