Digital Language Lab: Outside the Formal Learning Context

In general, languages, whether it is first, second or foreign, languages always remain the most important subjects at every educational level. In early stages, their inclusion in the curriculum was connected with literacy practices, but also as a main reason for the successful integration of minority students learning a second language. Digital language lab is used nowadays to enhance the language proficiency of students to a greater level.

Since the attainment of a greater level of foreign language fluency by the end of compulsory education is the common goal in most educational systems around the globe, educators recommend several kinds of tools and technology to brush up the language skills of students. The language teachers’ readiness to incorporate the latest educational trends effectively in the language classroom drive institutions to use , educational technologies for better language and communication sessions. The recent developments and innovations in the field of Computerr Assisted Language Learning serve as a springboard for a series of existing innovative practices in the area of technology enhanced language learning and teaching. The emergence of language laboratory with multimedia contents and modern features totally changed language education scenario and paved way for digital learning with and without the help of instructors.

Smart English digital language lab is the best software for brushing up the skills of students in any particular language. This ultimate language-learning software helps self-paced and self-directed learning. The learning experience is highly independent and provides better atmosphere for learning.