Digital Language Lab to Enhance the 4 Essential Skills in Language Learning

In this era of globalisation, English language is widely accepted as the international language that connects people all over the world. That’s why, in this fast-growing globalised world, one has to be proficient in English language to get successful in every sphere. With technological advancements, language acquisition becomes an easy and time-saving activity. Digital language laboratories play a major role in the language learning processes, especially in educational institutions these days.

To master any language, one has to follow the ideal path of four essential language skills-listening, speaking, reading and writing (LSRW). These four skills are crucial to attain better language proficiency thereby helping the communicator to become successful in personal and professional life. Realizing the importance of these key skills, Smart English Lab offers full-fledged language learning sessions to improve the LSRW skills of students through the provision of its advanced technology-aided solution and quality study materials. Teaching English language ensuring absolute focus on LSRW skills grants a platform for the learners to hone their language proficiency in the right manner.

Smart English Digital Language Lab is an ideal programme specifically designed for teaching any language giving prime importance to listening and speaking skills more than reading and writing. It is widely known that we all acquire native language proficiency through listening, speaking, reading and writing in its order unintentionally. We say that children learn the language as they grow emotionally and grown-ups turn to their intelligence in order to accomplish the same task. While considering second language learning, an organic process doesn’t happen and hence we opt for a systematic way of language learning through practicing LSRW in an organised manner.

The advantages of acquiring language can be enhanced incredibly when the learner is given opportunity first to listen and then only to speak in the target language. This theory is applied in the construction of Smart English Language Lab software giving ample importance to learning materials also. Digital language labs with multimedia contents enable the learner to listen to authentic sounds of the target language. This helps them to understand the right pronunciation of words with access to comprehensions, articles, fiction, verse, speeches, and many other literary genres. It also allows the learners to practice different accents of words focusing on the intonation and voice modulation that are vital to good communication.

In addition to the listening and speaking skills, reading and writing skills are also addressed thoroughly through various exercises to enhance formal and creating writing skills and to comprehend materials through ample reading sessions. With the digital language lab, the LSRW skills can be addressed equally to learn second languages, assuring good communication skills and expertise in language.