Digital language Lab; a tool to enhance Students’ interest

When it comes to teaching English, interest is a sense of inquisitiveness or anxiety about something. Most often teachers fail to generate interest in languages while teaching students. A vibrant and lively class atmosphere is necessary to make the students curious enough to learn more about language and literature. Digital language lab software is the latest habit adopted by language teachers to impart quality language sessions to students.

By using digital language lab, the situation changes from where the students will only use the English language within the four walls of the classroom to real world situations which demand the usage of global language. Earlier the power of stimulating interest lies predominantly in the hands of the teacher; but with the advent of language lab software, it is easy to generate students’ interest to learn foreign languages, especially English. Teachers of the lab installed schools witnesses that the students who were afraid to communicate in English because of the fear of being laughed at by their peers are now confidently speaking without any inhibition.

English language is undoubtedly more than prescribed texts and comprehension questions. The matter of interest decides successful learning of language like any other things. Digital language laboratory is highly helpful to inculcate interest in students for learning English. Creativity, understanding and improved proficiency can certainly be encouraged through this digital tool.