English Language Lab for Improved Communication

Language lab is basically an audio- visual installation widely used in modern teaching-learning strategies to learn foreign languages. This recent innovation in language learning is just like any other laboratories for science subjects. It is obvious that digital language lab has a crucial role in the English teaching-learning processes. It is a technological tool for improving communication skills in English or any other language.

One of the modern methods to meet students’ academic requirements and to help them develop English language skill is obviously digital language laboratory. It provides the students opportunities to interact with diverse text versions and give them a solid background in contents and hands-on experience in mainstream courses. Through the audio-visual language labs, the teacher can make language learning sessions enjoyable and interesting for the learners.

Besides mere vocabulary development, the current language learning involves learning of phonetic sounds and its articulation, syntax, grammar and communication skills. Hence, the teacher needs to pay greater attention while giving language training to students. Digital Language lab is a tool specifically designed to teach any language thereby helping the students to learn pronunciation, stress, intonation and all other aspects of the language.

Since a highly motivated class is needed for improving the communication skills of students, teachers consider multimedia language lab as an excellent option.

While Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (LSRW) are the essential skills to be developed in communication, advanced learners have to comprehend the whole culture that comes along with language. Presentation skills are also essential for the advanced language learners. Effective communication training programmes for the education sector, private and corporate sectors can be designed through this multimedia lab.

To conclude, the language lab is a helpful tool for practising and assessing ones speech in any language. It allows the student to listen to model pronunciation, repeat and record their version, listen to his performance and compare it with the original file. Since it offers every learner to practice at his own pace without the assistance of a teacher, it is considered as the most flexible language learning option. Surely digital language lab can be recognized as the biggest investment and in education sector.