Etiquettes for an effective communication

"If you communicate, You can get by. But if you communicate skillfully, You can work miracle"
-Jim Rohn-

We are aware of the fact that a good relationship begins with a good communication and obviously it works with for beginning a good start in career. Whenever you find difficult to inform something or conveying a deepest sensations that could result in questions, makes it a failure in a meaningful conversation. We may also fall short in keeping certain conducts while engaging in a chat with a person. When considering the do's in it, as a formal custom open with a greeting before moving on to the actual matter. Remain conscious of your body language that which gets attracted at first to every eye. Give a good eye contact while engaging in conversation that ensure the other person the trust in your speech. Pay attention to the other person because a good listener could become an efficient speaker. Accept all the emotions that are valid enough to become more empathetic and open-minded. Taking into account with the Don'ts in a communication, the very premier intuition of the speaker is that the person should make the other comfortable while continuing with the verbal process. He/ She should feel the same passion and freedom in sparing their time with us. People usually don't encourage someone to interrupt within them and it is not deemed to be a fair action in. It is better to get used to the custom of listening to other more than pouring out all that worrying your thoughts without allowing anyone to utter a word. It is an indication of respect to that person in order to build a healthy ambiance. The significant and most frequent error we fall to is in the articulation of sounds and spelling of a language. It is awful to make a remark by pronouncing wrong spellings especially at work place. We can avoid certain common flaws happening