Foreign Language Fluency through Digital Language Lab

Recent studies suggest that there is a statistically substantial correlation between the consistent use of language lab activities and development in foreign and second language proficiency achievement. In this global age, since English has acquired the status of world language, and global language, learning this international language is very much important for the learners to excel in their social and professional life. The varying scenario of English has been greatly influenced the curriculum and teaching strategies to cater the requirement of the present era. As a result of this, school today initiates to use digital language labs for the enhanced language fluency and communication skill development of students.

Digital language lab is developed considering the diverse learning styles of students worldwide. By using language lab in the classroom, the students get a better understanding of the lessons thereby cultivating the self-thinking ability with the integration of the four communication skills, i.e. listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Digital language labs give the students great exposure to the recorded audios of native speakers and language experts to improve their listening skills and to teach them the actual pronunciation of sounds. The writing module embedded in the language lab helps the learner to enhance their formal and informal writing skills through the extended practice sessions. On the other hand, the reading and speaking modules assist the students to read the lessons fluently and to talk effortlessly, after listening to the audio files.

Smart English Lab is the one which offers opportunities for every learner to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skill through different options with the help of the text, audio and video files. Besides it provides the learner greater privacy and options to improve their interactive skills overcoming shyness. The listen-record and comparing feature in the software is highly beneficial for the learners to develop their language efficiency in a better style. Other features in the language lab such as monitoring, grouping, paring, voice chat broadcast etc. helps the trainer to conduct the class in a unique way.

Smart English Lab is obviously an innovative solution which relieves the communication hindrances making learning independent and enjoyable for the students. It acts as a platform for the language learners through the two-way communication mode and interactive lessons.