How Language Lab helps Children Speak English with Confidence

Speaking English with confidence is always in the top of parents’ wish list if we ask them about their desire for their child’s language ability. Yes, every parent wants their child to speak and read well, have good word power and a strong understanding of English grammar. They are very much happy when their child speaks in English fluently with confidence. Realising this aspiration of parents, schools now go for digital tools to enhance the language fluency of students.

Digital language lab software is one of the latest tools preferred by language teachers to train their students. Language labs which come with unique features and learning materials have wide acceptance among the communication trainers, especially communicative English teachers. By using this multimedia tool, students are getting chances to learn through various activities in addition to songs, stories, movies, documentaries, speeches etc in one place. Video contents with subtitles help the learners to comprehend the content, grammatical structures and to enhance the listening and speaking skills. The multimedia content with subtitles make the child to start by listening to audio/video and reading the story, and then they try to understand the usage of specific words and phrases.

To help children make their language journey easier, digital language lab has options to listen and record their reading/speaking activity. By using these features, they can also record themselves and compare their pronunciation with that of the speaker. Graphical interpretation they get while comparing the speech assist them to analyse their performance and to improve furthermore.

The modules with rare and meaningful vocabulary, grammar, speeches, comprehensions etc can be extensively used by the child to get them well-versed in English. In addition, the system provides wide variety of learning experiences in a safe digital environment for children.