Instantaneous Evaluation and Feedback through iTell language lab

Considering the progress of educational field the parameters of language learning increases day by day on the basis of evaluation of students. Evaluating is like we test an individual on their standards and attain a feedback in sense the result through this test. The learners get to know their development and ways to improve the deficiency in communication and language skills. Reinforcing and providing the leads for correction, the trainer can evaluate one's teaching methods and techniques. Lets follow the proactive language learning trends which are useful in a traditional language class. In such a position it is impossible to provide a listening task to students with lab who can evaluate any learners personally. iTell which is keen in this domain to serve their users to make a very perfect evaluation and feedback for a better and eligible kind of learning methodology is ready to expand the language trends in the current conception. Unlike the theory classes listening to any audio numbers of time helps comprehensively and accordingly. With the aid of modern innovative gadgets and microphones, iTell produces interactive response pads which are useful in better communication. These points can be very crucial for development of learners. English language learning concentrates on listening, speaking, reading and writing which are the four essential skills required and many other pronounciational dealings apart from other languages. To evaluate the spoken skill the trainer has to deal one to one and give task for speaking. The test of reading and writing skills is possible in theory class but the question of feedback is consistent and in those cases the language software provides with test and quick results managing the entire session of valuation. In today's context language labs are a necessity possibly to check the oral skills of every learner, similarly the evaluation of writing skills can be easily done through the same process. Language lab is the answer to every problems pertaining to language skills assessment.