Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore retains OrellTalk Language Lab!

Kristu Jayanti College, Banglore has maintained our services this month. It is with the installation of Orell’s brand new product, OrellTalk that the earlier facilitation of Orell Language lab has been replaced. It’s a matter of great pride for us to prove our efficiency and keep up the good result for such a prestigious institution as Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore. We are exalted in continuing our ties with one of our most valuable customers.

OrellTalk, Orell’s most recent product is appropriated to bring forth drastic and far-reaching revolution in the spectrum of Language Learning in academia. OrellTalk PRO, the version which Kristu Jayanti College has opted for its students especially includes many important outcomes and implications, superbly effective with its modifications and tools. The flawless interface and wide array of features that are enriched with information for all levels of students can be a boon to the teachers making their work cut down by half. With the latest installation of OrellTalk Pro, it is estimated that the institution has 40 consoles and 1 teacher console, forming 500 users totally.

The most noteworthy matter is that we are enabled to continue our liaison with Kristu Jayanti College as it is considered as one of the most sought-after institutions in Karnataka, India.

Formed by the members of St. Joseph Province of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI), Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore was founded in 1999, presided by BODHI NIKETAN TRUST. The College is affiliated to Bengaluru North University and is reaccredited with grade 'A' in 2015 by NAAC. Installation of our latest product OrellTalk has superseded and replaced our formerly set up product Orell Language Lab with the assurance to contribute at large to the language learning and teaching at the campus