Language Lab Software with Customised Learning Materials

Syllabus Design and material development plays pivotal role in English language teaching. Relevant instruction materials that suit the age and learning level of the students should be used if you are a language teacher. With the emergence of technology solutions like digital language lab and other multimedia solutions, language teaching became more easy. Language lab integrated with learning materials make the teachers free of burden from creating new materials.

However, the complimentary materials you get always will not be sufficient and relevant enough to satiate the language needs of students.

Smart English language lab unlike ordinary language learning software provides authentic and customised language materials according to the linguistic needs of the learner. There have been remarkable and significant developments in the content used for language teaching. Smart lab provides less stereotyped, more intercultural and critical materials that help learners to study more about the various aspects and expressions in global scenario. Methodology which reflects ideas of student learning style and self direction is followed to make learners well informed about language and its usage. By using this lab, teachers can create locally relevant or globally significant materials according to the learning needs of the students giving importance to their age and acquisition level.

As instructional materials created for one school may not be effective for the other, considering the syllabus and curriculum materials, teacher can create study materials incorporating suitable activities and exercise. They can also produce own teaching materials giving importance to their own culture and values. Smart lab provides language teaching materials that are practicable in the context where they are produced considering the local needs.