Live Web Broadcasting – Added Feature in Digital Language Labs

Today's educational scenario is entirely different in nature when compared to the traditional teaching-learning practices. With the recent advancements in teaching and learning methodologies and approaches, a student-centric and content-oriented education is suggested by educationists worldwide. More experiments and researches have been done in the field of education, especially language learning to improve the communication skill of students.

In this information technology era, language labs play a significant role in learning foreign languages in a very interesting and effective manner. Though digital language lab is believed as self-learning access solution, only an expert can handle classes using this technology solution. However, it is true that well-organized contents and continuous practice help the learners to study language easily without much effort. Latest advancements in language lab systems help the teacher to share multimedia or online contents for the learners. The premium benefit of this feature is that the teacher can stream internet pages or videos to selected students or whole class. Instead of downloading and unzipping video/movie files, the teacher needs to share the internet resources to the learners opening a window to the online provisions of education.

The umpteen features integrated in the digital language lab makes it a time saver for teachers and can make some of the most difficult tasks quick and easy providing maximum results for both the teacher and learner. Though the input learner puts in digital language lab session is high, they can enjoy learning to the utmost at their own comfort. Hence, digital language lab is considered as the most preferred solution by teachers to make foreign language learning a very enthusiastic and lively session.