Media Broadcasting in Digital Language Lab

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) breakthroughs have brought innovative openings to streamline the language learning and teaching settings in a very different way. Since, the educationalists worldwide recommend unique instruction materials for language learning, teachers today give more focus on audio-visual resources in classroom. It is true that these multimedia resources deeply enrich the learning atmosphere bringing outside world and life into the classroom thereby enhancing the students’ experience to a greater degree. Digital language lab, according to educational visionaries is an exclusive solution for language teachers seeking ground-breaking methodologies in language teaching. Through the latest digital language lab systems of the twenty-first century, the teacher can play multimedia contents from an external device so that students can listen to or watch sound or video on the computer rather than downloading it and unzipping it first. The media sent by the teacher flows in an uninterrupted stream of data and is played immediately by the learner. Prerecorded files are usually sent to play through these kinds of video broadcasting options. The teacher can plug or insert any external device including USB, CD/DVD and the real time audio/video broadcasting system allows trainers to transmit the media lessons for learners to practice. It is concluded that digital language lab is the solution and requirement of the era to learn foreign languages. The quality of the language fluency will be enhanced when people learn it from the multimedia, digital and ICT resources.