Need for Establishing a Digital Language Lab

Digitalization of entire English language training experience has remained a challenging task for decades in and out of our education system. It is a fact that our traditional language education system hasn’t do much influence in the communicative proficiency of learners, and the training we rendered are not in sync with the requirements of our language learning needs. The advent of technology and ICT has revolutionised communication and language training which paved way for a shift from the traditional chalk and talk setting to technology-aided language learning. Hence, with the ever-increasing advantages of technology in education, academicians and educationists recommend digital tools for effective language training. The rise of language lab has ended our quest for technology-aided language learning.

Oréll Digital Language Lab is the state-of-the art multilingual language learning solution with unlimited benefits unlike other language lab solutions. The futuristic technology used in this advanced language lab can be customized to address the specific needs of the learners and language instructors. With all its unique features, the language lab designed by Oréll is implemented in educational institutions worldwide for learning second/foreign languages with utmost proficiency.

The lab provides the facility to record the voices of the learner and compare it with its graphical representation for understanding the variation of the articulation, rhythm and intonation of the speech. This graphical analysis is very much supportive of reducing the MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) and it helps them learn the nuances of the desired accent. Oréll language lab facilitates the learners with the opportunity to practice pronunciation with audio-visuals of native speakers and internalize the essentials of speaking English.

The language lab aids in listening to the voice-overs and recording the voice and improving pronunciation patterns of the students which can be accessed by the trainer as well as the learners. The interactive activities and lessons in the lab are unquestionably effective to reinforce the theories they learned in classrooms. It also speeds up the learning without compromising quality and standards. The repeated practice options with advanced features and incognito student monitoring makes this technology-aided system essential to satiate today’s language needs.