Optimum Privacy in Learning through Digital Language Lab

Digital language lab is one of the ground-breaking solutions in education technology sector which offers optimal service in language learning. Also, it gives teachers more time to teach, interact with the learners and to clarify their doubts without distracting other students.

In earlier times, when the language sessions require students to undergo a verbaltest that may take 15-20 minutes of direct speaking, the teacher would have to call each student personally while others kept themselves engaged in some other classroom activities. Depending on the strength of the class, that activity may continue until the end of the period or a whole day.

The main advantage of a digital language lab is that by using this language learning equipment, thelearners can attend the oral exam, using their headphones all at the same time. Teacher can directly listen to the students’ answers or pay attention tothe recorded audio of each student later. Modern digital language lab allows collaboration, recording of conversation, the ability to manage students’ talks with individual or groups and much more. While the student learns using the system and a headset/microphone, he gets the feeling of learning in a private space. DLL class helps learner to talk confidentially with the teacher reducing the inhibition he felt in conventional classroom setting and encourages the shy student to speak without the thought that someone is overhearing him. Besides, the teacher can give individual attention to students who are weak in studies and can correct the mistakes of learner individually, without insulting him in public.

DLL offers the student good ambience with maximum privacy and encourages the introvert students to enhance their communication ability and language expertise. In Digital Language Lab classroom, the teacher can guide a single student or a group of students separately without disturbing the rest of the class.