Smart English language laboratory for Corporate Training

Speaking excellent English is important in every organisation that communicates globally. Digital language lab software is the latest technology employed for improved communication skills and to make employees fluent in English language to achieve their full potential. What’s really exciting about Smart English digital language laboratory is that it is used by many organisations for providing corporate English training to candidates from various professional sectors.

To help meet the demands for superior level English learning, Smart Lab offers British communication skill training, general and business English education to aspirants. By using the language laboratory, the trainers can evaluate the English proficiency level students achieved after attending the course. For those who haven’t come out with excellent performance reports, the trainers can suggest further sessions until they get fluent in English language and communication.

The learning experience with Smart English Lab starts with an assessment of your language skills. You can start with the listening practice which leads to speaking sessions and then to reading and writing. During the communication skill practice using language lab software you're not a mere viewer, but have to play the lead role. The training programme of this language lab is designed in such a way to overcome your weaknesses in language and to improve your area of expertise.

Your lessons focus on listening speaking, reading and using English in the workplace with the help of audio/video sessions of native English speakers who helps to improve your comprehension and fluency. You are also benefitted from the training courses of native speakers thereby improving communication skills and Business English. With a couple of sessions, you reach full potential and will be able to converse in English with high confidence.