Speech Comparison Using Digital Language Lab

Digital language lab is the ultimate solution when it comes to foreign language learning. This advanced software solution provides practice lab for the learners to improve their communication skills. The essential components of communication such as listening, speaking, reading and writing skills can be acquired and enhanced easily through language labs without sweating.

Students are the prime beneficiary when we talk about the positives of digital language lab in learning. The student interface allows the learner to practice on their own and exercise the language with correct pronunciation. The principal feature of language lab solution is that students get privacy in learning so that they can practice the materials without any embarrassment. The materials teacher assigned can be easily accessed by the students to practice continually in a very easy way.

The voice comparison tool added in digital language lab helps the learner to compare their own recorded voice with the original version they listen to. The graphical representation and accuracy level students get after comparing their recorded voice with the original audio is beneficial to analyse their pronunciation accuracy and to check its modulation and intonation. This unique feature aims to make the learning fast and easy-to-comprehend. No matter, the learning is for school or college students, digital language lab system offers a great learning platform with matchless practice tools that acts as a total solution for self-teaching.