The respected Nalanda University keeps OrellTalk Digital Language Lab!

We are over the moon with the update of another renewal for OrellTalk Digital Language Lab Software. This time around its none other than Nalanda University that has hired us for their software solutions yet again for the 2nd consecutive year. The world famous university has retained the Max version of OrellTalk with 25 student and 1 teacher console.

Nalanda University (also known as Nalanda International University) is an international and research-intensive university located in the historical city of Rajgir, in Bihar, India. It was established by an Act of Parliament to emulate the famous ancient university of Nalanda, which functioned between the 5th and 13th centuries. The idea to resurrect Nalanda University was endorsed in 2007 at the East Asia Summit, represented mostly by Asian countries including China, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam, apart from Australia and New Zealand, and as such, the university is seen as one of the flagship projects of the Government of India. It has been designated as an "International Institution of National Importance" by the Parliament, and began its first academic session on 1 September 2014. Initially set up with temporary facilities in Rajgir, a modern campus spanning over 160 hectares (400 acres) is expected to be finished by 2020. This campus, upon completion, will be the largest of its kind in India, and one of the largest in Asia.

OréllTalk Digital Language Lab over the years garnered attention all across the educational sector of India for the excellent influence it has on mother tongue speaking students. The language acquisition carried out in a natural –repeatedly hearing and reiterating, makes a lot of difference in the way students express and enunciate. ICT enabled OrellTalk Digital Language Lab with the integration of eLearning Live Virtual class platform potentially turn turtles the education system in the time of Covid 19 pandemic. We are happy that we got to coalesce with Nalanda regarding the purchase of OrellTalk and eLearning virtual class platform that absolutely suit their requirements.