Vocabulary Enrichment with Language Laboratory

Vocabulary must be the most stimulating element in learning a language. And perhaps the most controversial! As per the experts’ suggestion, digital language laboratory is one of the best tools that can be opted to learn vocabulary in a very interesting way.

As it is advised not to learn a single word by itself, Smart English language lab employs the strategy of learning group of words that “travel” together.

While learning the word, language lab helps learners experience the word through different context and its actual transcript. When you remember phrases instead of single words, you ensure that you know how to actually use the word in at least one sentence. Engaging in stories (at student’s level) or other literary forms helps language learners to build emotional and sensory contexts around new vocabulary. Language learning software is of very much supportive to acquire word power easily. Language lab instead of helping students learn isolated words by rote, it makes the new vocabulary internalise deeply through linking it to the characters, places and relationships, just like in real life.

Through repeated listening, speaking and practising, students assimilate same words again and again until he/she can reproduce or guess them correctly. Unlike other language lab systems, Smart Lab makes language learning more exciting through pronunciation practise and teaching words related to the same sounds. Thus students get familiar with more words on a single sound.