One more international school signs up for OrellTalk!- Hill View International School, Kozhikode!

We have come across schools and colleges belonging to various categories and have aided with high end technological backing to the curriculum irrespective of their differences in this journey that lasted and continues over the span of one and a half decade. Our latest client is another International School hailing from our home state. Hill View International School, Kozhikode has purchased one teacher and 30 student consoles that adjunct parts of OrellTalk Max Digital Language Lab.

Hill view International School endeavors to expand the knowledge of teaching and learning process across a broad educational spectrum, encouraging the students to step into the global platform. Hill view International school strive to impart education to suit to the advancement in technology and development at large. They guide students to grow with values and virtues and create an ambience which motivates them to move ahead with confidence. Affiliated to CESE New Delhi, institute provides planned information and communication Technology (ICT) facilities, an ICT suite, interactive whiteboard and high speech Broadband connection for internet access.

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