S.J.P.N Trust's polytechnic, Nidasoshi accommodates OrellTalk Digital Language Lab

We are happy to announce that Orell Software Solution’s OréllTalk Digital Language Lab has sold to S.J.P.N Trust's polytechnic, Karnataka, to meet the Language Learning requirements at this honoured institution.

S.J.P.N Trust's polytechnic institution has the vision to flourish into a center of excellence in technical education and training by adopting integrated approach to educational methods aimed at holistic development of personality of students, moulding them into efficient professionals. The institution was established in 1986 with the purpose of providing technical quality education in various disciplines of engineering. It is a unique Co-educational and fully residential institution, located in a calm, pleasant and pollution free rural setting, 57 Kms from Belgaum city. It is designed to impart integrated education to students, drawing the best from Indian culture and traditions of the past, instructing and helping them to acquire Knowledge in Humanities, Science and Technology of the present and developing their total personality on progressive lines with a comprehensive mental out-look and self-confidence based on sound character and good conduct to face the future.

OréllTalk’s advanced version installed at S.J.P.N is a complete solution for Language Learning. This latest version of Language Lab brings out the best in students by enabling them the control over thousands of video and audio lessons. S.J.P.N has opted to purchase OrellTalk for 25 consoles of Students and 1 of teachers to install at their campus.