Shatabdi Institute of Pharmacy Nandurbar welcomes Orelltalk Digital Language Lab

Over the years, it has come to our notice that most advanced software OrellTalk Digital Language Lab in instrumental to all kinds of institutions irrespective of the field of study. We at Orell are super enthused on the latest update. We have gathered one more order from a Pharmacy institute for OrellTalk Digital Language Lab. This time, it is from Shatabdi Institute of Pharmacy, Nandurbar, a city in Maharashtra.

Shatabdi Institute of Pharmacy is one of the early torchbearers of holistic education. Pharmaceutical institution provides ample resources and materials for students to develop their scientific thought. We are glad that we get to collaborate with such an auspicious institution as Shatabdi.

Oréll ensures that students of all realms who are taught languages using technology will also have the advantage of applying their new digital knowledge in different areas. Along with knowing how to use various online tools, which will give them an advantage in the prevailing job market, and add further skills to their portfolio taking their experience to higher pedestals.

Oréll has over 5,000 customers in the education sector in more than 50 Countries worldwide and helps around 10 Million+ learners and instructors to learn and teach languages easily, efficiently and effortlessly.

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